What to do when you’re a bit gloomy? A run of bad luck, people not calling back,  can’t settle to anything – it seems a bit pointless. I expect everyone feels this way at one time or another. I can usually forget myself in work by doing something different or new  technically or by devising new images to inflict on my diminishing public.

Sometimes even this doesn’t work and I sit feeling morose and the inclination comes to cheer myself up by looking up some old friends (the kind that can’t give you a hard time). So I turn to my bookshelf, or more lately to the internet to look for the best in my view of painting, and remind myself why I got into painting and maybe find something new or that I hadn’t noticed before.

This can be a dangerous thing to do since it is likely to reinforce the impression of oneself as not being a worthy member of this particular fraternity.

This is what Ive come up with lately.

First up, Lawrence, gorgeous sketch, known it for a long time.


Alma – Tadema;

Alma Tadema

another head, Degas;


Noir Film Still;




1960’s illustration

Pilot couple

Ivor Hele;Ivor Hele

Paul Fenniak;

Paul Fenniak

The next two, I don’t know the artists perhaps someone can tell me;



Lastly a drawing by Aaron Wesenfeld.

Aaron Wesenfeld

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