My collection part 1

Apart from a ragbag of my own paintings that have remained unsold (my wife calls them “Lurkers”), like most artists I have, over the years, acquired by purchase or exchange, a number of paintings by artists I admire. They vary from drawings and prints to paintings and even a couple of sculptures. They are works by friends, and others, and I get a great deal of pleasure from them. Like all plastic art, they are unchanging, which means they are a sort of measure of one’s own evolving state of mind and perspective. I’m still adding to the collection.

Here are some of them, more in another blog.

I don’t know who the artist of this Academy still life is, It was in a bad condition when I bought it at an auction, and I restored it.


I am interested in American art of the 30’s-50’s but could only afford prints. Here are two of them. By Douglas Gorseline;


And Isobel Bishop;


A painter who I knew, in the North European tradition, he lived in my area, and the architecture is very evocative of 1960’s Cardiff, Evan Charlton;


I have several Japanese prints, Though I know little about them. This one belonged to my mother;


This is a drawing, not wonderful but typical, by a man Im a great admirer of. He was a great typographer and printmaker. David Jones


The next two are by friends of mine, Mike Crowther;


And Phil Nicol;


I’m lucky to have this, a friend gave it to me,  by Laura Knight;Knight

A little woodcut by Eric Gill;


Finally, for now, a costume design by a friend of mine, John McFarlane;McFarlane

Please excuse the quality of some of the images, some of these things are under glass.

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